Are you worried your home isn't perfect? Or your kids are wild?

There is something so magical about capturing a family in their own home. There is no rushing out the door, cross word (well maybe still a few) about scrambling into the car before you're late and everything is just far more relaxed. You know your way around every corner of your home, you know the bits you love, and the bits that are piled high in the 'Monica cupboard'. You don't have to have a polished home with everything in it's place because lets be realistic who's home is truly like that? I know mine isn't. I have a plethora of 'Monica' cupboards and drawers that have hidden many things over the years, or if i have friends over. I expect that is where they'll stay for a few more until the day I need cello tape and the whole thing gets up ended. Our home is an extension of our personality and will be filled with treasures that mean the world to you. Treasures don't have to be material things, but that first painting brought home from nursery, fridge magnets your mum always gives you when she goes on holiday, a wedding picture, little trinkets from pre child days when travelling was less Tui and more 'twoi'.

Whilst I love nothing more than running through fields during golden hour, in home sessions have an intimate and personal quality. Being invited into someone's home brings its own slice of beauty. Be it for maternity images, a newborn or a family. Don't get me wrong they aren't always serene, and can be as wild or as quiet as you want them to be. I try not to alter what you already have in place, but showcase it at its best. Not every child will sit for a camera, in fact the majority won't but that's what's great about entering someone else's space, is that you can go at their pace and whatever they are most comfortable with.

When people think of in home sessions they assume that they are for newborns but in fact any stage of your childs development is a great time to capture. You might want to get some beautiful breastfeeding images as your journey comes to an end, or your children may be leaving home and you want to remember them in this season of their lives. Or you simply just want some beautiful memories in the comfort of your home.

If super cool and super cute are what you're after for an in home session then have a look at Becca, Jack and Ari's session at their home in Crantock. They have been renovating their bungalow for the past few years and its honestly a gorgeous space. They wore what they would usually wear when chilling at home and we just chatted whilst Ari was being the cutest little babe. You never know how a child is going to take you or if they are going to be in the best mood and actually although Ari had been a little poorly earlier in the day, he was the sweetest the whole time. His beautiful blonde curls and pudgy belly melted me immediately. Would you agree?

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