Hi I'm Beki,

I have always had a fascination with times gone by, of moments in history, how times and people have evolved. I feel there is something so important of having memories to look back on, bringing back feelings and emotions of the places we've been and the things we've seen. We of course have our internal memories, but if you're anything like me being a mum of two then you're so busy just surviving the day, let alone remembering every smile or milestone gained. Unfortunately when I was a child we had a fire and of the few photos my mum did have of us children, they were destroyed. It's odd to think that I will never really know what I looked like as a baby or toddler. That means I can't make that comparison with my own children and myself and will have to accept the fact that everyone says they look like their dad!

Whilst I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I never truly took it as seriously until I had my son. I wanted to document every single moment of his life and he is my inspiration and my muse. I started off with a click and shot camera and moved onto my first DSLR a few years ago. I am completely self taught so take real pride in how far i've come.

I have thought of nothing but this moment for years. Of building long lasting relationships with clients and seeing their families grow as they return for more memories made. I know first hand that being a parent has its ups and downs and whilst we are so busy living in the moment and keeping things ticking along in the background, we forget to stop and breath our children in. Remember them as they are.

When I'm not being a mum or photographer, you'll usually find me watching a crime series with a cat wrapped round my neck or doing up our Victorian terrace.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I cannot wait to meet you and your beautiful family!



Alex + Ayesha

Oh my goodness Beki excelled herself!! I have no words but WOW! She was such a talent, we could’t get over how beautiful the photos were!

She was the cherry on top of the most beautiful day! She's so calming and lovely to be around - just felt she was there as a guest really. We honestly can’t thank her enough!