For Those Who Dream With Nostalgia In Their Hearts

Cornwall Photographer Specialising In Family, Motherhood, Maternity and Lifestyle Photography

Hello, I am Rebecca. I’m a Photographer, a Mother, and a Wife

As far back as I can remember I have collected memories, little snippets of a time in my past, be it concert tickets or developed disposable camera film. I love how we have the ability to freeze a single moment and be transported back to it. Just like my precious trinkets, photos enable us to step back in time. I want to be able to evoke those feelings you get when reminiscing of a time gone by. To capture those small details that you may otherwise miss. Those authentic connections formed with as much truth as possible. Kids grow, moments pass, don't let these memories slip away.

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Capturing Memories

As parents, we’re in a constant race with time, trying to savour every second we have with our kids. Their first smile, first words, first steps. All the firsts. But these moments will often pass us by. Stop. Breathe them in for a second. Through all the many hardships of parenting children, comes those magical core memories. The ones you want to bottle up like the BFG and blow them in to your dreams every night, so you never forget just how fundamental these formative years are.

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